Automated Data Extraction for Bank Statements

Eliminate data processing errors, save time and costs, and enable better decision-making with our award-winning AI data automation technology.

Save Time and Increase Efficiency

Using advanced technology to extract and analyse data from bank statements automatically saves time and increases efficiency. Rather than spending hours processing bank statements, you can quickly extract the relevant information from bank statements with just a few clicks.

Experience Complete Accuracy

AI captures data flawlessly by understanding its meaning and preventing the errors that occur during manual data extraction. Evolution AI guarantees complete accuracy in the data that our technology extracts- or we’ll refund your costs.

Enhanced Decision Making

AI data automation can provide more accurate and comprehensive information on a client's financial health, allowing companies to make more informed lending decisions. Data automation can unlock new insights and trends that may be difficult to identify through manual analysis.

Improved Compliance

AI data automation can identify potential compliance issues by identifying suspicious transactions. The technology will flag any unusual behaviour to be manually reviewed by an employee.

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